Education and training on nutrition, sports, and health

The world of nutrition and health research can be complicated and misleading. Physicality aims to clear the confusion and communicate the truth to help you achieve your goals.

Physicality is:

1. Scientifically substantiated

Scientific research can at times be confusing and contradictory. As a published and registered nutrition scientist, my strength lies in interpreting and appreciating evidence to put it in the right context.

2. Practically translated

New studies contribute to conclusions and guidelines regarding nutrition, physical activity and health on a daily basis. I translate scientific evidence into practical tools that can be applied in your daily life. 

3. Personally applied

Everyone is different and deserves a personal approach. Together we can identify what makes your situation unique and how we can use that to achieve success. My goal is to make sure that you can achieve yours.

It is never too late to work on yourself. Every day is a new chance to change course and move towards a healthier future.

Who am I?

My name is Erik, a Dutch nutrition scientist with a fondness for sports and making music. The human body has always fascinated me; how countless processes and organs maintain us, how no computer can match the complexity of our brain, and how we can shape our body through our lifestyle.


After graduating cum laude from the MSc Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University in 2018, I set out to make a healthy lifestyle available to everyone. I believe that education and training are necessary to achieve that.


What does Physicality do?

The Physicality YouTube channel aims to make information on nutrition and health-related topics available to everyone. Starting with the basics, the series Nutrients in a Nutshell offers objective information on a wide variety of subjects. The other series, Truth or Tale, discusses the sense and nonsense of emerging products and strategies. Here, we dive into the science behind the claims to see if there is truth in them or that they are simply a tale without substantiation.


For consultations, diet and exercise plans, questions, or anything else that could help you achieve your goals, contact me via the form below. Together, we can set up a programme that fits your situation and puts you on the road to success.

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